Monday, December 29, 2014

The miSoccer system is a progressive, online home-based soccer training system that offers 3 levels of training. Designed for players age 6 through 18, each player will be guided through the level of difficulty most appropriate for their age and skill level. Once a player is registered on the system they will start to receive 2 video training sessions every Saturday morning.
The concept requires that the player practices these two sessions at home as many times as possible during the week with the goal of performing the sessions flawlessly at ever increasing speed. The successful player will perform sessions daily and adopt a “never be satisfied” mentality – each session can always be done better, smoother and faster.
Once the player reports back completion of the sessions via the website, they will receive 2 new video sessions the following Saturday morning and the process repeats.
All completed sessions stay in the player’s miLibrary as long as the account remains open. This becomes a rich personal resource that they can use at their convenience.
From time to time a testing video module will be sent out and the player will have an opportunity to test their skill level and record their progress. Over time the system will show performance trends through these testing modules and allow for peer group comparisons.